Dr. Fikret Kajoshaj

Fikret Kajoshaj, O.D.
Dr. Kajoshaj is an Associate Doctor at Berke Eye Care. He is first-generation American from Brooklyn, New York. He is of Albanian heritage and was raised on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

Dr. Kajoshaj attended St. John’s University in Jamaica Queens where he obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Biology. He then achieved his Doctorate in Optometry at Nova Southeastern University, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Dr. Kajoshaj completed his internships at Center for Sight in Sarasota, Florida and Omni Eye Services in Atlanta, Georgia.

Dr. Kajoshaj completed a residency in ocular disease at the Hudson Valley Veterans Hospital. He is certified by the National Board of Examiners in Optometry (NBEO).

Dr. Kajoshaj provides patients with comprehensive eye exams. Dr. Kajoshaj practices full scope medical Optometry. Dr. Kajoshaj has extensive experience and knowledge in the diagnosis, treatment and management of ocular disease such as: glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, cataracts, blepharitis, dry eye syndrome, eye allergies, eye infections, eye trauma, floaters, styes and more. Dr. Kajoshaj does LASIK screenings, cataract surgery and premium lens consultations, post operative and emergency care. In addition, Dr. Kajoshaj takes pride in his meticulous refractions and precise eyeglass prescriptions.

Dr. Kajoshaj specializes in the use of BlephEx®, a device used to treat patients suffering from blepharitis and dry eye syndrome. He also specializes in the use of Prokera®, a therapeutic contact lens composed of human donor placental tissue used to treat ocular surface disease and injury.

Dr. Kajoshaj is passionate and very enthusiastic in his nature. His thorough style of practice makes him a unique and valuable asset to the practice. After every exam, he makes sure his patients have all their questions answered before they leave.

Outside the practice, Dr. Kajoshaj enjoys spending time with his family. On his downtime, he likes to watch movies, shows, mixed martial arts, listen to music and go bowling with friends. He also enjoys fine Italian and Mediterranean dining. He is a proud New Yorker and a huge fan of the New York Jets and New York Knicks.